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Blythe Grey is Nora Grey's mother.She works for the Hugo Renaldi Auction Company.She travels along the East Coast.Her job requires a lot of travelling,so she hired a housekeeper named Dorothea,to look after Nora while she's away.Dorothea was paid to cook and clean,including keeping an eye on Nora.Blythe was married to Harrison Grey.Before her marriage to him,she was in a relationship with Hank Millar(Marcie Millar's father and Nora's real father) which was revealed in the second book of the series. She dated hank millar in high school and college, and had a baby (nora) with him, in order to protect nora from becoming a sacrifice, blythe and hank hired harrison grey, who brought up nora and came to love blythe and nora as his own family. When she's away, she makes rules for Nora to not do anything reckles. In the third book- Nora and Blythe had fallen out over Blythe re-dating hank.

She's overprotective of Nora.She
doesn't really like Patch.When the first time she met him,she started to 

interrogate Patch. Sometimes, she thinks of Patch as a bad influence to Nora. In the second book, Crescendo, it was revealed that Blythe gave Nora a ten o' clock curfew if she was about to go out with Patch and a ten thirty curfew if she spent time with her friend,Vee Sky. It is said that she finally accepts nora and patchs relationship at the end of the last book.

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