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Patch (his real name is jev ) a new senior at Coldwater High, is described as a “dark-Levi’s dark-Henley dark boots kind of guy”who smells of mint. He is Nora's biology partner. He keeps his past under wraps and is accused of more lies than truth from Nora- he is not, in fact, lying, he simply avoids the questions. He can be sly and brooding, and frequently leaves Nora alternately furious or tongue tied. He uses his charms as a way of getting what he wants and avoiding unwanted questions, though he begins to open up as the novel progresses. He spends most of his time playing pool at Bo's Arcade.

Nora eventually learns he is a fallen angel, who fell when he loved a human girl and tried to be with her. After failing to take control of a human body, the avenging angels ripped Patch's wings off on his way back to heaven. However, he knows how to become human- by offering Nora, his Nephilim vassal's female descendant, as a sacrifice, he will become human. On the other hand, Dabria, Patch's old flame, tells him to become Nora's guardian angel by saving her from death. Patch is left with the choice of being human or returning as a guardian angel.

As a fallen angel, he is stripped of most of his angelic powers, but can still manipulate the minds of weak willed humans, possess them for short periods and create illusions. He cannot feel physically—it is described like experiencing the world through a pane of glass—but he can experience emotions. When he is restored as a guardian angel, he regains the ability to fly, though he still cannot feel, as he has not yet "earned" that right to feel back. He is described to have black hair, black eyes and maybe about six-foot-one or two.